Bitcoin in 7 Minutes: A Timeless Timeline

Cryptocurrency Market. In order to find historical price data we need to write a script that crawls over the web.

Over a 60 trading day window the Alexa top 50 shows that Bitcoin is in a 30% range and the top three cryptocurrencies are in 30% range. “In any type of range whether it’s an uptrend or downtrend, you’ll get a volatility. I’m a guy that likes to see highs and lows, where a lot of the people just see the overall range and nothing else. For me, the strength is that we have the highs as well as the lows.”

Cryptocurrencies, Top 5, Market Capitalization, Crypto Hedge Funds, ETH, EOS, Polybius. Data is from historical cryptocurrency price data.
At the same time, it’s the only cryptocurrency to establish a consistent system of rules and protocols that operate over a network rather than a web.

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Who’s in control? Whose to blame?
Recently, I had a list of great reads for the year and one of the books on it was by a noted economist called “Everyday Economics”. I flipped through the pages and saw the words “deregulation”, “unfettered capitalism” and the like peppering the pages. What am I to make of this? Well, deregulation, in my opinion, sounds like a good thing. However, unfettered capitalism is another story.

As I thought about this for a minute, I realized that I actually missed something and the book in question is really not about deregulation but rather profit.

I assumed we all know what capital means and from that I was led to learn more about the definition of profit. Since I know my readers are not scientists or economists, I am going to cut to the point.